Financial Technology
  • Automated Trading Strategy
  • Data Science & ML
  • Process Automation
  • ETL in Data Engineering
Deuyeh Inc has developped an automatic trading strategy that minimizes risks in stock market investment trading and continues to innovate its algorithm to adapt to the continuing market change.

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What is Deuyeh Inc?
Deuyeh Inc is a privately held company. Founded in 2005 as an consulting business, Deuyeh has developed a new automated trading strategy that greatly enhance the chance of beating the market in the long run.
Data Science, Machine Learning, and Trading Strategy

Deuyeh Inc utilizes proper tools in Data Science for the Development of it's Automated Trading Strategy.

Feature engineering and selection

We have built and identified features that are most predictive of future performance, and takes positions using that knowledge.

Strategy Development

We have developped and backtested Deuyeh Automated Trading Strategy and we are currently setting up our live-test infrastructure.

Strategy performance
Deuyeh Inc trading strategy has been backtested from 1996 to 2017 and has generated over 4600% return in the span of this testing period. Greatly exceed the return of many popular index, public, and private investment funds.

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