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Data Scientists

Deuyeh is composed of experienced researchers, engineers, and data scientists who provide solutions to complex business issues for a broad range of industrial activies. We have developed an ecosystem of powerful assets based on a unique combination of data science toolbox and human expertise. Our combined best talents, exceptional associates and data scientists enable us to provide effective custom solutions to your most complex problems at unrivaled entry-level costs. Our associates are composed of both junior and senior experts who work in multi-international corporations with generating revenue of over a billion USD.

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Security & Trust

We stand on sound business principles and uphold the highest ethical standards providing service that you can trust. Unless publicly available, we simply don't disclose our clients' information. We attract clients' through our service performance, respect, and trust. Rest assured that your information will be kept confidential. We will NEVER discuss our clients' business with anyone aside from concerned professionals. We treat your data safety and your projects with our utmost care and importance.
Our clients' loyalty is very important to us, as such, we are NOT a volume box and we only work with at most a handful of clients at a time (depending on the scope of the project). We consider each client as an important investor to our success and we can provide limited non-compete clause to protect our clients' investment in us.

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